Giving Back

The salon is more than just a place where you get a beauty service, it is a place to relax, to socialize, to learn about new things and meet you people. We have a great group of artists who all have wonderful clients, you never know who you’ll get to

Spray Tanning 101

Why Spray Tan ?? Why Not ??? If it makes you feel beautiful than do it Benefits of Spray Tan Confidence its like a snap chat filter in real life Slimmer more toned appearance camouflage scars and tan lines smooth out the appearance of cellulite quick and easy safer than

Color Protection. get and keep the tone you desire

How to protect your color this summer (and everyday) Vivids – Blondes – Cool blondes – Reds – even your natural hair color should be cared for properly to maintain its shine and tone. After leaving the salon with beautiful new color, we recommend not shampooing for 3 days if

Extensions … all you need to know

Hair extensions can be amazing. They can also be scary. There are many many different varieties and companies out there. Most are great when used correctly and for the right type of hair and person. Learn the facts and find out what options you may have. Human hair VS Synthetic

Festivals, Pool Parties & the Beach … beauty tips to surviving the heat

Being Festival and Pool season ready really is a head to toe plan! When prepping for the pool a fresh wax is a necessity! Waxing can be a full body experience so you have no worries poolside and you never have to remember to shave! Getting a good even spray

Sun & Skin

So let’s talk about how to protect you from it ! It’s summertime and the sun is out! But this is not the only time your skin need sun protection. All four seasons need skin protection. Sunblock should be worn even on cloudy days! 87% of the sun’s rays penetrate

Going Grey

Let’s talk about your options ! Anywhere from embracing it or covering it up! Finding your first grey…don’t freak out! Not wanting the commitment of permanent color yet. Demi permanent in your natural color is the answer for a soft, root free grow out. Plucking. Don’t do it. and NO

Lazy Day Sundays Perfected

Sundays are all about relaxing, mimosas and enjoying a day off from not just work but life! While we aren’t exactly taking off all day, we want to help give you some “Lazy Day Sunday” tips !! Here are some Las Vegas Loves of ours we are always sharing. Brunch

The Beauty of Pregnancy and how it effects your body

  You’re entire body will go through changes during pregnancy. The skin is effected in many ways during pregnancy. First the Hormonal breakouts: each person reacts different to pregnancy but some are plagued by the chin and cheek break outs! Exfoliation with Bio elements Pumice Peel will decrease in dead

Mens Grooming … what you need to know

Mens grooming is just as important as anyones. Guys are just as picky, if not more, when it comes to how they look. They just hide it better than most. We hear it ALL in the salon and are happy to help with all your grooming needs. Do  you know