Welcome to Meraki, where its all about you, the feel, smell, look; relaxed, friendly, casual, stylish; special !! A step above that you feel at ease in.


IMG_5109I chose the name “Meraki” very carefully. I love quotes with meaning and purpose. I wanted a name that was more than a salon. A name that was a mission statement. A name that we could grow with. (trust me so many more ideas are floating around on what’s next to come). Meraki is a name that means something to everyone, both inside and outside our walls.

Meraki :  to do something with soul, creativity, and love; to put a piece of yourself into your work

Hi, I’m Crystal Leisner, with encouragement, help and support from many close friends but especially from Marcie Wilkening, I opened Meraki Hair & Body in August 2017. The idea had been growing for years and the search for the right space was endless. Everything happens for a reason.

I visualized a place where clients could trust everyone and receive their services in one place. I visualized a place where clients could enjoy their time here, their service, or even just to hang out and visit. We all ask for referrals. You the clients, of who we go to for other services, and us the artists, of new clients to sit in our chairs and lay in our beds. The solution seemed simple. Why shouldn’t we all be in one place?

“creativity is contagious”

what we see quote

Who I am and Why am I Here?

I’m crazy ! I don’t know how to say No ! I believe I can help everyone someway, somehow. I wanted to be in advertising and design and major in graphic design and layout. However, I also loved hair, so I chose hair first ! ) I never went to art school, maybe someday!) In 2001 I started working at my first salon in New York. In 2009 I moved to Las Vegas, and now in 2017, I have my first “sign on a building”. I am Wella trained and have listened, watched, and learned from every single stylist, artist, business owner, and human I’ve ever met. I will make mistakes, I am a risk taker, but I believe that is how we learn and grow. Let’d do it together.

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Passion. Karma. Coffee. Wine. Beauty. Balance.

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