Giving Back

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The salon is more than just a place where you get a beauty service, it is a place to relax, to socialize, to learn about new things and meet you people. We have a great group of artists who all have wonderful clients, you never know who you’ll get to chatting with. Clients ask us all the time for referrals on where to go to eat, shop, travel, work, everything. Since we see and talk to so many people, we have collected lots of info (some random and useless but all helpful)

2018-08-26 16.42.32We have wine at the salon to help you relax and enjoy your time with us. We offer OneHOPE chardonnay or red blend. Every 4 cases of Chardonnay funds 1 clinical trial for women with breast cancer, and every 3 cases of red blend reunites a veteran with a sense of purpose by leading and organizing natural disaster relief.

When its time to celebrate we pop glittery bottles of celebration Brut, each bottle provides 4 meals to a child in need. Home parties and delivery are also available, just ask for more info. By hosting a party you get to pick your own charity to donate to onto of each bottles impact.

OneHOPE Wine Who doesn’t want to give back just by enjoying a great glass of Napa Valley wine.

Every bottle makes an impact. Its as easy as buying one bottle or case of Wine.

One HOPE has partnered with nonprofits around the world to help support causes you are passionate about. Animals, Children, education, environment, global, health, veterans, and women are all areas of focus.

2018-08-07 20.09.51POP up Wednesdays are a happy hour networking event that we host at the salon from 6-8pm on the first Wednesday of each month. It is just starting out and has endless potential to grow. We are a group of women who have gotten together to share what we know and learn what others know, while wine tasting. No-one likes networking events where everyone is just trying to sell you something. Most people who are passionate about their businesses don’t “sell” you on what they have, they do what they do, to help others. If it comes up in conversation, and we can help you, we explain and offer. We are a group of women wanting to help other women. Helping the local community and those in need along the way. A raffle basket with tickets to purchase is available each month with the proceeds going to a person or family in need.

Power Yoga

Young Living Essential Oils

Discovery Toys

One HOPE Wine

Meraki Hair & Body

2018-08-26 09.38.53BYOB classes … Do you ever say “My hair never looks like his when I do it at home” ??

What do you struggle with ?

How many products do you use ? do you own ?? do you Need ???

Personal one on one or Group Setting Options Available

B.ring Y.our O.wn B.lowdryer

This is best done in the salon but can be done in your bathroom as well.

Bring what you are currently using day to day, everything from shampoo to combs, brushes, tools, products and struggles too. We will evaluate what you have, explain the good and the bad, and give you a nice luxurious shampoo. Then it’s up to you !  With our guidance and patience, you will blowdry and style your own hair.

It’s as simple as a few changes to make your mornings happier.

Education. Creativity is Contagious

We believe that there is more than enough work to go around and are passionate about our industry. Never stop learning, teaching, creating. We host classes whenever possible and invite both other stylists and creatives to share and learn with us, as well as use you as models whenever needed. It’s always fun to see the behind the scenes and learn a tip or two.

We are also happy to host your educational or creative party. We have a great space and we like to share. Talk to us about your next event.

2018-08-27 16.06.45Newmans Own Organic Coffee gives 100% of profits to charity.

Just by drinking a cup of coffee in the salon, your helping someone. “It started as a joke and for out of control” over 500 million dollars has been donated from the Newmans Own Foundation since 1982.

We share his statement that “quality will always trump the bottom line” we also share the idea that if we can give back, even in the smallest way, while enjoying our everyday routines, than we should and we will.