Spray Tanning 101


Why Spray Tan ??

Why Not ??? If it makes you feel beautiful than do it


Benefits of Spray Tan

Confidence its like a snap chat filter in real life

Slimmer more toned appearance

camouflage scars and tan lines

smooth out the appearance of cellulite

quick and easy

safer than the sun

contouring for the whole body

no need to ever have tan lines


Where to Go and Why and When

Spray Tan has three options these days. A tanning salon where you enter an automated booth, a mobile tanner that comes to your home, and a salon with a professional tanner to customize your spray tan to you.

A booth is great for the experienced tanner that perfectly fits and moves inside a booth and that standard solutions look great on. Its all about quick in and out.

Mobile tanning in your home is great with the benefits of a real person spraying you from any angle needed and helping you to position and dry properly. A few downsides are that they don’t usually carry as many options of solutions or additives, you will be in a pop up tent that they provide but over spray of solution is always possible, it is in the air.

In Salon Tanning offers you the maximum options in a spacious room designed specifically for tanning, with ventilation, drying fans, and proper lighting for even coverage and contouring.


How to Prep

Properly prepping your skin is one of the most important steps. This allows for an even long lasting bronze color. Do not shave, exfoliate, or moisturize right before coming in for your spray. Do not apply perfumes or deodorant. All of these are idea the day before but not the day of for even DHA absorption and color.


How to not be orange

Spray Tanning has come a long way since the days of one or maybe 2 solution options and everyone looking like an oompa loompa.

We have 3 standard solutions, 2 violet based solutions to counter balance the orange.


How to get the most out of your tan

We use a PH balancing spray before every one of our tans to retain moisture, balance out the skins natural acidity levels, and extend the life of your tan by 20-30%  Allow your tan to fully develop, do not excessively sweat or shower for 6-8 hours. Rapid Tan Development solution is available for those in a time crunch but still 2-4 hours for full color development before showering.


Not just for special events, young girls, or fake looking people

The best spray tan is the one people don’t notice. Everyone wants to look healthy and glowing and like they have all the free time in the world to lounge the sun. Reality is we don’t, and the suns rays do more than give us needed vitamin D, they also damage our skin. Spray Tanning gives the look in a fraction of the time and is healthy. We even have additives making it even more beneficial to the skin and the color being the bonus !


Additives make spray tan about more than just color.

DHA drops are available to customize color levels beyond light medium or dark.

Anti-aging drops can be added to prevent and reduce the appearance of aging and tighten the skin.

Skin firming drops tone and tighten the skin while attacking cellulite.

If you can’t tone it at the gym … Tone it with a Tan !!


SJolie coming soon

All naturally derived and certified Vegan ingredients from partnered farmers getting us peak freshness and quality. Every product is parabon free, erythrulose free and fragrance free.

Aloe Vera, Walnut and Vitamin C are part of each solution for their hydrating, tonal, and anti-oxidant properties.