Color Protection. get and keep the tone you desire

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How to protect your color this summer (and everyday)

Vivids – Blondes – Cool blondes – Reds – even your natural hair color should be cared for properly to maintain its shine and tone.

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After leaving the salon with beautiful new color, we recommend not shampooing for 3 days if possible. This is allowing for the cuticle of the hair, which has been opened during color service, to close completely and hair color to be locked in.

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Keeping the hair hydrated is the backbone to everything else. The more moisture there is the stronger the hair, the more heat and processing (either in salon, in daily styling, or environmental) the hair can take. A deep conditioning once a week or so is a great home treatment, leave in conditioner sprays like the 7 seconds condition are a lifesaver in the dry desert heat. Not washing your hair as often not only saves you time and money on products but it is healthier for you hair and your hair color. If you get oily or are in a smokey casino, dry shampoo is a great refresher. Not all dry shampoos are created equal, find the one thats best for you.

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With your vivid colors, the old saying is true, Cold water is your friend. Direct dyes sit on the outside of the hair rather than inside the cuticle. washing less often and with cold water rather than hot (which is braking the color molecule down and swelling the hair shaft, causing it to push the color away) will keep your awesome personality shining through your hair the longest.

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                  Want to keep your vivids looking their brightest and best everyday ?                          Or just need to refresh old color ?

Viral and GemLights by CelebLuxury is here to save the day. With these strong pigment depositing shampoos and conditioners you can maintain perfection for 6 weeks or more. (note these should be custom mixed by our colorist to achieve the best results. Will deposit color onto all hair that it is applied. For multi colored hair, use caution and ask your artist what your best option is)

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Brassiness – Gold – Yellow – Orange

Call it whatever you want, most of us don’t want to see it.

There are many options to help keep this taboo word from entering your head.

It not just your colorists fault. It could be intact all yours. It is most likely just mother nature. No matter who’s to blame, heres the answers.

Hair, all hair, oxidized to warm. weather it is lifted to it, lightened to it via the sun, or chemically altered to it via the air and products , and life.

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Toners and glazes while in the hair chair are the first step.

These can and probably should also be done as a regular maintenance service between highlights or all over colors. Especially if you have the ever so popular (and for good reason in its low maintenance natural look) ombre. When your not getting your color done but 2-3 times a year, it needs a little love in between, come in for just a quick glazing to balance the color, add shine, and condition to the hair.

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Step two is to use proper care when shampooing, swimming, and in the sun. Violet toning shampoos can be a miracle. Pre rinsing your hair with clean water prior to swimming and then again after can make all the difference of your hair not absorbing all that chlorine or salt water.

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Sometimes you have to trust the process and the science of color and how we see it. To get this bright white we actually added a dark base over her highlights and toned with a lower level. Its all about balance and perception.

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Step three is to remember heat protection when styling. Just as a white t shirt will turn yellow from over ironing, or a piece of paper yellows over time,  your hair will also turn yellow from over heat styling without a heat protectant as a barrier. Anything is a physical barrier, every time you apply heat that barrier is lessened, so if you have fragile hair or are using excessive heat, apply at every step. Before blowdrying, before flat ironing or curling, and again on touch ups throughout the day or especially the next day.