Festivals, Pool Parties & the Beach … beauty tips to surviving the heat

2018-05-17 22.26.50Being Festival and Pool season ready really is a head to toe plan! When prepping for the pool a fresh wax is a necessity! Waxing can be a full body experience so you have no worries poolside and you never have to remember to shave!

2018-05-17 23.15.52

Getting a good even spray tan helps you to look your best! This way you can sunblock up and still look tanned and toned! Make sure to do a full body exfoliation so the tan is applied evenly to the skin.

Festival hair is a style all it’s own. Add glitter and rings and whatever else your mind can dream up. It’s hot out there. Braids and buns are the best way to keep your hair out of your face and cute until the sun comes up again.

From ocean air and the beach to day clubs and pool parties, chances of your hair getting wet are high. Braids and pony’s are not only cute and easy but they protect your hair from the sun, salt, sand, and chlorine.

Festival makeup is the time to let your imagination run wild! If you can put it on you can pull it off! Be brave step outside the box. A light makeup base with a creative accent is the way to go. A dramatic pattern eye mask or bejeweled skin is perfect. Temporary tattoos can be used as a sweat proof accent as well! Don’t forget to add a dramatic Lash to finish the look. This takes the place of mascara that may melt and run.

2018-05-17 22.30.03

Look your best in your swimsuit selfies.

5 minute morning of tinted moisturizer, false lashes, and a lip stain are all you need for a sweat proof fresh looking face all day.

Don’t forget the sunscreen !

Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!

Make your outfit do a duty and be adorable!!  A scarf or hat can protect your hair from wind and sun while looking cute. Also a colorful bandana around the neck can be great for those dusty desert festivals. Don’t forget the jewelry! It’s not just for your ears and hands. Your hair can be dressed in jewels as well.

The best accessory of all is sunscreen! Always protect your skin.

2018-05-17 21.47.39

Sunnies !!! 

(Sunglasses) Protect your eyes !  Make them part of your outfit.

It’s a perfect accessory and keeps you safe. And eliminates the need for eye makeup that will run down your face !!