Sun & Skin

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So let’s talk about how to protect you from it !

It’s summertime and the sun is out! But this is not the only time your skin need sun protection. All four seasons need skin protection.

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Sunblock should be worn even on cloudy days! 87% of the sun’s rays penetrate through clouds, fog and mist.

The worst sunburns happen when you least expect them.

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Age spots begin their process well before your 30s. Most skin and sun damage begins to develop as young as your teens. This is why it’s very important to educate your kids in sun protection. The browning and aging of skin starts to appear as our skin thins with age.

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When applying sunscreen it should be applied after skin serums. It needs to be directly applied to the skin. Make sure to cover all areas of exposed skin.

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Hands receive an extreme amount of sun exposure so don’t forget your hands. The skin thins the fastest on hands with age. Hands are always a tell all to true age so keep your hands looking younger with Clarins sunblock hand cream.

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Try to keep your face out of direct sunlight by wearing a wide brimmed hat. Don’t forget about reflection off the water when your are poolside this summer. And as always reapply sunblock every time you exit the water!

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There is no SPF for hair  your scalp is SKIN

Anything that is a physical barrier blocks the suns rays from drying out your hair.

Chlorine is bleach. Letting it dry into your hair in the sun is over processing x 100

Rinse your hair with clean water asap, regardless of blowdrying or air drying in the sun.

Hair is porous, like a sponge. For best protection rinse hair with clean water prior to pool or ocean so that it has already absorbed clean water, thus not allowing as much drying water to be held by the hair. Still rinse after as well.