Going Grey

IMG_1214Let’s talk about your options ! Anywhere from embracing it or covering it up!

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Finding your first grey…don’t freak out! Not wanting the commitment of permanent color yet. Demi permanent in your natural color is the answer for a soft, root free grow out.

Plucking. Don’t do it. and NO 2 will not grow back !

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Highlight/lowlight … use those few stand out strands to your advantage by blending it in with a highlight or lowlight. This option allows for a soft natural, longer time between appointments. Adding multi dimensional color adds depth and texture and movement. We can also enhance your natural grey if it’s not as striking naturally as you’d like it. Highlights aren’t always blonde, sometimes they are black and white !   


Never have to go grey !

Embrace change and pick a new color! 100% coverage in your natural color or a totally new one! Permanent color is the easiest and most versatile way to change your look, whether you want people to know your changing it or not ! The options are endless.

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Done with coloring ? Do you now want to embrace your grey?

You can ! and you will look fabulous doing it !

Don’t just stop coloring. We can transition to natural in many ways and love your hair at every step.

If your thinking about it, ask. Lets make a plan and then you can decide if and when is the right time for you.


Care and maintenance

Just because your a natural beauty queen now does NOT mean you can stop all “color” maintenance. This may mean highlight lowlight blending, glazing, or just using a toning shampoo once in awhile, moisture is everyones friend. Hydrate those locks. Grey or non-pigmented hair is void of melanin, it has some holes in it, thats why is can be coarse and wire, fill them in with at least a great weekly moisture mask.  Whichever look is for you keep it shiny, healthy and beautiful.

IMG_1215Grey hair shows up in other areas too.

You don’t act your age and you don’t have to look it either !

Gray hair is a sign of aging that impacts virtually everyone at some point. Gray hair can be caused by stress, a poor diet, hereditary factors and a decrease in melanocytes. Over time, hair on any part of the body can turn gray. Although it may take longer than hair found elsewhere, your pubic hair can also ultimately change in color to gray. Great solution to hide unwanted grays “down there”? Remove them with waxing. Giving 4-6weeks of freedom from grays!

Graying brows are also a quick fix! Brows can be tinted. Eyebrow tinting is a temporary color applied to the brow to cover grays and fill unwanted gaps in the brow. It comes in many different shade assuring you get a true color match for your brow!