The Beauty of Pregnancy and how it effects your body

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You’re entire body will go through changes during pregnancy. The skin is effected in many ways during pregnancy.

First the Hormonal breakouts: each person reacts different to pregnancy but some are plagued by the chin and cheek break outs! Exfoliation with Bio elements Pumice Peel will decrease in dead skin buildup, helping to minimize these breakouts.

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Drink plenty of water! Wash those toxins out of your body. Remember everything that goes into your body is shared with the baby. So baby is taking 1/2 your water consumption. This will help with the Dry skin often associated get with pregnancy. I recommend non-chemical, soft foaming cleanser during these stages. The Timeless collagen moisturizer is amazing at maintaining skins dewy texture during these body changes.

As for the Body, Vitamin E based lotions are great for preventing stretch marks. Keeping the skin moisturized will help in reducing the chance of marks. Do not itch your skin! It breaks down the elastin in your skin making stretch marks more prevalent.

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Sleep! I know it becomes difficult to get good sleep. Sleep is essential for body recovery including skin. For those dark circles, Eye Dr. by Origins is a great daily eye cream to lift, firm and brighten the skin around the eye. This is an exciting time for you focus on the beauty of being a new Mom!


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Can you Wax during pregnancy?

First and foremost it has to be okayed by your Dr.! Even if you have been waxing previous to pregnancy.

But the answer is YES! It is much easier to leave it to the professionals when you can’t see past the belly! Due to pregnancy the sensitivity can increase in some. Being waxed is easier during pregnancy than dealing with the uncomfortable, itchy stages of shaving! The skin will be prepped with a skin cleanser and finished with a moisturizer. The comfort of my client is first and foremost! Pillows are added for comfort during the wax to support the lower back. Making you comfortable during your pregnancy Wax is very important!

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Can you color your hair during Pregnancy ?

This is a personal preference and there is no right or wrong answer. Always consult with your doctor for anything of risk or concern. The answer we give is yes ! Color away. Look fabulous is all your maternal glow and pictures. Hair color does not penetrate the skin and enter the blood stream. The possible changes during pregnancy are due to hormonal changes thus new growth hair during this time is different. It may process quicker, slower, warmer, or cooler. These can all be compensated for if and when they arise. If your concerned with color on scalp you can also always choose to highlight your hair. Using foil to hold the color to the hair it never touches you, hair dressers have been having babies forever and working all along, if you ask our opinion, creative expression to feel beautiful when you have so many other changes going on in your body is definitely the answer.