You are what you Eat

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What you put inside your body shows on the outside. What do you want to show off? Today is a brief look at a few of the biggest areas of daily life that effect us most.

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Is your skin Dry and or Dull ?? Drink more water. Take your Vitamins.

Clients ask me all the time, what can I do so that my hair isn’t so dry? What product can I use ? Just do these simple tasks to help from the inside. Products only keep the moisture and shine in !!! It has to be there naturally first otherwise we are just coating the outside. Vitamins are best found in the foods you eat but supplementing them is sometimes necessary.

Biotin – B7 – is the lowest amount of B in a complex vitamin, adding it is important for scalp health, hair strength, and your metabolism (thus feeding the follicle for new growth)

B Complex – overall body function and health of hair, skin, and nails

Fish Oil – nourishes and hydrates for strong shiny hair and helps the texture and glow of the skin

Vitamin A – helpful with sebum production (do you have dry scalp or dry brittle hair ?)

Folic Acid – aids in cell turnover (especially women on a weight loss diet are deficient in this) new cells are hopefully healthier stronger cells Folic Acid helps speed up the benefits of every other vitamin and nutrient

Vitamin C – produces collagen !! Anti-oxidant that fights free radicles. Free radicles leave the hair brittle and weak, and the skin dull and prone to wrinkles

All of these play their own roles and work together for strong, shiny, LONG hair and glowing skin.

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Your skin replaces itself with natural cell turnover every 35 days.

You have the opportunity to “start over” every day. What you eat matters. Sensitivities and allergies like gluten, dairy and sugars can wreak havoc on your skin. Processed foods alike, create more toxins for your body to expel. Where you break out and how, as well as redness and dryness all show us the underlying cause.

Eczema and psoriasis – both are aggravated by diet, as they are an inflammatory skin condition reaction to stress

Forehead breakouts – can be from either product irritation from your hair, sweat or bacteria build up from a hat, or an intestinal reaction.

Gluten – breakouts around the chin and jaw and a rash on the cheeks

Dairy – can provoke inflammatory skin conditions. Small white bumps on chin and cheek area

Hormonal – breakouts along the jaw line, lower cheeks and chin.

Sugar – wine – pronounced lines or redness between the eyes, feathery lines across the cheeks also enlarged pores and deep nasolabial folds

Take it easy on your insides and your skin will thank you.

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If your experiencing hair thinning, breakage, excessive shedding, or any other sudden change in your hair or your skin, take a look at what has changed or happened recently in your life. Daily medications, antibiotics, surgery, anesthesia, stress, depression, even herbal supplements, these all effect your bodies function and cellular reproduction. Hair, skin, and nails are all visuals outside of the functions inside.

Signs the nails show you are

Moon – (at the base of the nail) shows healthy growth. If not present, the thyroid is week, the more missing moons the weaker the thyroid.

Vertical ridges – show a possible iron deficiency

Horizontal ridges – can mean calcium, vitamin A or D deficiencies

White spots – are a sign of dehydration or trauma.

Thick nails or blue in tone of the nail bed can be a sign of poor circulation.

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Hormones are necessary for everything !! It’s a very delicate balance of all of them for you to function at your best. Thyroid is the big one we all know about with hair loss, as well as estrogen and PMS with skin breakouts. There is so much more to know and look at if the answer isn’t in plain sight.

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Your hair tells your story. By the inch, every month, every year.

Like tree rings tell age, your hair tells your history. Hair grows at an average of ¼ to a ½ inch a month. So if you have long hair, the ends have been with you for years. Environmental and styling factors play a big part in your hairs health, but how healthy it was when it grew is more important, so that you know where you’re starting from. Similarly to a hair strand drug test, we can tell by the bands in your hair of color changes, porosity, times of stress or hormone changes. Pregnancy, sickness, recreational drugs, surgery, it all effects how the hair grows and those effects stay with you until we cut it off.