What your stylist should be asking

IMG_0815Too many times people leave the salon disappointed with a finished look; Which a lot of times is a result of miscommunication between you and your stylist! The consultation part of your appointment is an important part of your appointment that can not be skipped. Follow us today to learn some questions your stylist should be asking you when you sit in their chair!


“What do you like and dislike about your hair currently?” Both points are equally important! You want to be able to get out of the chair feeling confident that your length could stay the same or your layers don’t look as choppy as before!


“In a perfect world, what is your dream hair?”

Having an idea of what you want to look like after your appointment is crucial. Bring inspiration pictures (last weeks post has tons of tips to help you pick the right ones!!) for both cut and color ideas. Your hair is your first impression, what do you want it to say about you?


“What do you do style your hair currently what are you willing to do ?” So many times we want a hair style that we don’t have time to perfect in the mornings or a color that just isn’t corporate approved! Make sure you are communicating with your hairstylist about how you wear your hair (ponies, dry and go, curly, etc.) on a regular basis so they can tailor your look to meet your needs!


“How can we help daily convenience?”

There are services and products available to you in the salon to simplify or eliminate your daily maintenance. Ask us how to improve your  “I woke up like this” look !!

weekly  blowouts

Keratin treatment

We teach classes !!! Learn proper product usage and blow drying or styling for longevity yourself.


“What is your regular maintenance?” Can you come get color touch ups every few weeks? Or do you need more of every 10 week schedule? Your stylist is going to want to create a look for you that will not only make you happy but that looks great until your next appointment !