Picking Inspiration Pictures


When it comes to searching pinterist or instagram or your fav Netflix binge for your next hairstyle, think about these things first and your inspo pics will be sure to wow your stylist and future self with how great they look on you. Things to know are your skin tone, face shape, hair texture and density, and maintenance. Grab a drink and follow along to learn more.

IMG_AEDCA3DC6CDC-2Anyone can wear any color. Some are better than others; tone is everything. Light and Dark; Warm and Cool. These both exist in skin and in hair. So you have pink or yellow understones in your skin ? Are you pale or deep and dark ? Olive skin is cool, pink or blue undertones, and therefore you look better is cool colors, platinum, purple, violet based reds, black. If your skin has yellow or peach understones your warm, and honey blonde and golden coppers and caramels work well on you as well as warm browns. Neutral skin tone also exists !! You might be a lucky chameleon and look good in everything.

If you say “I hate red” your probably cool, and just have the wrong reds or warmths. If you always “lack shine” chances are you need more warmth.

Don’t let your haircolor be the same shade and tone as your skin. It will wash you out !!!


Straight or Wavy or Curly

Natural curl vs Curling iron curls this had to do with density (up next) as well as how much styling time your going to put into your look. Fine (angel hair pasta) (slippery and soft in texture usually) or Coarse (Thick cut spaghetti) (rough in texture possibly) Fringe (Bangs) care about texture !!


Thick or Thin. Density is hairs per square inch on your head. You can have Thick Fine hair, meaning you have tons of fine strands !! This is important when it comes to layers or blunt ends and roundness of how a cut falls, as well as fringe (Bangs!)


Round Square Oval Oblong Diamond Triangle

Proportion and Balance are everything. We are looking to achieve Oval for its balance. We use lengths, angles, layers, bangs, side, or center parts; and volume to highlight and detract, where we want and need to achieve overall balance and visual appeal.


Are you going to get you style your hair as needed daily? Are you going to get regular trims and touch ups? What is regular to you? Ask what the time line needs and costs of your new look are going to be.

It’s more important how you look on all the days in between salon visits than just the moment you leave.


Do you hear “You know who you look like?” all the time? Who do they say ? This person probably has the same features and tones as you. Use them as a human Barbie doll to know what things will look like on you. If everyone says you look like Kati Perry look her up, celebrities change their look all the time, you will have many options to see (ideal and not so much) to decide what version of yourself to be next !!